Mergui Archipelago: The Best 10 Dive Sites for the Adventurous Divers to Conquer​​

The Mergui Archipelago – scattered like pearls on a blue velvet bed sheet – is a bunch of 800 islands scattered over the Andaman sea just off the eastern coast of Myanmar. Since the area was only opened up to tourism in 1997 and is still under quite a strict regulation, the awesome sights above and below the surface of the Mergui region has remained untouched by human habitation for years.​

7 Best Getaways in Myanmar - You Don't Want to Miss Number 3 Destination.​

Myanmar is a beautiful country with an array of things to do with Southeast Asia's most up-and-coming tourist destinations. Its beautiful beaches are less crowded with tourists than many of its Southeast Asian neighbors. Even most of the biggest attractions still giving undiscovered feelings. Despite the country's turbulent political history, Myanmar remains a safe and welcoming place for foreigners.

How to get to Kawthaung and Myanmar (Visa Information)

Nyaung Oo Phee can be reached from either Myanmar or Thailand. From Myanmar, the quickest way to reach Kawthaung is by plane. A number of airlines offer domestic flights from Yangon, which can take 2 hours 40 mins (with one stop in Dawei and Myeik).

History of Kawthaung aka Victoria Point in Myanmar

Kawthaung is a town located in the southernmost part of Myanmar, in the Tanintharyi Region. Formerly known as Victoria Point, Kawthaung is 800 kilometers from Yangon and 2,000 kilometers from the country's most northern tip. It is also one of the entry ports into Myanmar and only separated from Thailand by a broad estuary in the Pakchan River. Across the river is the border town of Ranong and visitors from Ranong could take a 30-minute boat trip to Kawthaung for sightseeing and shopping.

The Virgin Islands of Burma/Myanmar

Burma has opened up, yes – but there is a far-flung coast that is still untouched. A year ago I was sitting on the worn teak floor of an old monastery prayer room up in Burma's Shan Hills. There was Max, an Englishman who had lived in the country for many years and who had just asked me to name my special places in the world. I mentioned an oasis in the Egyptian desert and an island I had seen on the Mekong River, down by the Lao/Cambodian border. Paradise.

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