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5 Ways You Can Support Myeik Archipelago’s Natural Resources​

In recent years, thanks to the commercials and product packaging, “going green” and “eco-friendly” trends get more and more attention in the society. Not only in commercial world, also tourism industry gets excited by this idea. The responsible travelers are practicing to reduce, minimal, or no harm done to ecosystems or the environment along their journey as well as looking for eco-friendly options when choosing vacation spots.


When we visit the islands, most of the things we love about island life — the beaches, rain forests, crystal-clear waters, reefs, fish, marine species — are  actually at high risk from global warming and pollution. If you are looking for ways to reduce your pollution footprint on your travels, we have listed 5 effective steps for you:


Explore the island by foot


Although the resort provides a convenient way to get around, the best way to enjoy the beach is wandering along the costal line in the early morning or evening. Don't forget to take the best shot with white sand and our beautifully decorated swing for your life time memory.


Don’t walk on the coral


Damage to the reef is taken very seriously. Not only the bottom of boats but also the bottom of your feet can damage the fragile coral reef. At low tide, the water is so crystal clear and shallow the tops of the reef poke out of the sea, making them impossible to swim over. Even from the water’s edge, you’re likely to see whole families of clown fish and there’s no real need to go in far. Instead, save the dip for high tide.


Refill free water


Imported goods including bottled water are expensive to transport to the island, coming at an environmental cost as well as an economic one. Save your money, reduce plastic litter and protect the environment by not buying water. Get yourself a lovely flask and fill it up for free at the restaurant.


Volunteer to clean the beach


If you are into making a real difference to the environment of Nyaung Oo Phee Island, you can volunteer to clean the beach. Tell your plan to the resort and you can set to work filling a bag with rubbish so the beaches are kept in pristine condition.


Avoid the boats


You won’t be able to completely avoid the ferries and speedboats as they’re your only way onto the island. However, once on the island, try to avoid the boats as much as you can since these motorboats can damage the marine life and coral reef surrounding the island. Instead hire a kayak which is easy to paddle out without damaging the coral to explore other uninhabited islands.




As the ASEAN Green Hotel Standard award winner, we are truly committed to preserving the environment, in addition to serving our guests with authentic hospitality. Hence, we would like to invite everyone to be involved in our resort-wide environmental activities to preserve the islands, water, and nature at their best—by simply following above 5 steps.





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Due to COVID crisis, our property is taking steps to help protect the safety of guests and staff. Please click here for more information.

Due to COVID crisis, our property is taking steps to help protect the safety of guests and staff. Please click here for more information.